Join us in Madison to address the torture of Solitary Confinement.  October 1.

WISDOM has invited Governor Walker and our state legislators to join us at noon on the capitol steps where we will have an exact replica of a solitary confinement cell.  Because the vast majority of Wisconsinites have never seen the inside of a solitary confinement cell, it is important for people to see for themselves what the cells are like… where people spend weeks, months and even years at a time.  After the rally Wednesday, and all day Thursday, the cell will be on display at First United Methodist Church, 203 Wisconsin Avenue, where we challenge people to spend just an hour in the cell, reading some letters from prisoners and pondering what it would be like to spend all day, every day in there.

Attend the rally on Wednesday.  And, set up a time on Wednesday or Thursday to spend time in the cell yourself.  The cell will be open for anyone to tour from :55 of the hour to :05.  You can make an appointment to spend the other 50 minutes alone in the cell by emailing David Liners,

Details here:   Oct 1 Solitary Confinement Action flyer.
An open letter to Governor Walker
Solitary Confinement is Torture. WISDOM Brief 3

Solitary Cell

Help us make poverty one of the key issues in the upcoming election.  Sign on to our Faithful Citizenship Statement!

Having a family member in jail or prison is a huge risk factor for increased poverty.    The statement is drawn from the input of more than 150 diverse faith leaders in Wisconsin.  You can click above to sign or get a link to sign on electronically by sending a message to  Use the statement in your conversations about the election. Invite your friends, family and fellow congregants to add their names as well. We will present these letters and signatures in October to those who wish to be elected in November.  Together we can make poverty a key issue of the upcoming election!
Faithful Citizenship Statement blurbDownload the Faithful Citizenship Statement and share it with your own networks.

Review our August 20 Action on Revocations and GPS Monitoring:

Watch Tim Coursen’s very professional videos on our previous actions:
“Old Law” Parole, July 9 in at the Capitol and Revocations and GPS Monitoring, August 20 at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Building

Failures in Revocations and GPS Monitoring. WISDOM Brief 2

A Broken Parole System, WISDOM Brief 1

Why Revocations and GPS Monitoring?

What is the Reform Now Campaign?

An open letter to Governor Walker

An Open Letter to Corrections SecretaryPlay_Now_Button

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